Work talk.

Multimedia Marketing
Branding Essentials
SEO Strategy

I use photography, video creations, engaging content, unique design concepts and interesting audio podcasts to promote businesses on the appropriate platforms. Utilizing these marketing concepts helps SEO and attracts attention on the essential digital channels.

Whether it's a new company that needs to establish their brand or an established company that requires a rebrand, I review core concepts and the mission of each business to ensure their branding, their identity, is memorable and relatable.

Determining a smart way to compete in Google search rankings and maintain a first page status, without going over budget, is always a part of my strategic marketing plan for each business.

Market Research

I stand by the fact, it's important to do your research. You can't beat the competition without doing extensive research and developing a superior marketing strategy. I enjoy doing market research and using that knowledge to create a successful marketing campaign.

Graphic Design

Understanding how to utilize design software allows me to generate posts and print advertisements quickly. It also allows me to improve proposals, manuals and other heavy text filled materials by implementing interesting maps, illustrations and infographics that entice the reader to read more.

Website Development

Websites are a calling card and a far-reaching way to make a business statement. I develop creative concepts and design unique website so each site best reflects a person or company.